UPDATE: MOARBASS or MOARTRANCE? Maor Levi produces Trance track titled #trance

UPDATE: Maor Levi took to his Twitter handle to announce that the track was actually released around 5 years ago under his alias ‘MLV’.
ORIGINAL STORY 07/28/2014 12:07PM EST- Above & Beyond’s prodigy, Maor Levi, shocked fans by uploading a track on his Soundcloud titled ‘#Trance’. To my bewilderment it was actually a legitimate Trance track; ‘#trance’ finds itself a perfect fusion of Uplifting and almost Psy Elements. While for many years he was known for his quality Trance releases, he is now more commonly known for his bass heavy Anjunabeats signature style with his radio show concept “MOARBASS”

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The Road to Future Sounds of Egypt 350: New York City!

Trance United is proud to announce that we will be in attendance for the only North American stop in the legendary FSOE tour. The dynamic duo of Aly & Fila  has cultivated together a roster of Trance names that would make even a season veteran blush with excitement. Highlighted by not one but three separate B2B sets, Andy Moor Vs Lange, an FSOE 350 exclusive, Bryan Kearney Vs Arctic Moon, and now the crowd favorite Aly & Fila Vs John O’Callaghen.

That’s not to mention the rest of the lineup of this 9 hour maelstrom of music includes names like Solarstone, Orjan Nilsen, Max Graham, and Bjorn Akesson. Any of these names on a regular night would be headliners in their own right but they will come together under one roof to create a show that won’t soon be forgotten.


 FSOE 350

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In Deep with Toronto’s Trance Titans, Saad & Baranov

Interview Conducted By: Amber Traill 

We recently had a chance to sit down with two of Toronto’s rising Trance stars, Saad Ayub and Gregory Baranov. Now nearly household names among the local Trance crowd they sit on the precipice of something great. In this extensive interview we talk to them about their humble beginnings and their near limitless talent.
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Proof that Dash Berlin is one of the most humble DJs in the scene

At this years Digital Dreams Festival we were lucky enough to sit down with one of the most recognizable and enduring names in Trance, Dash Berlin. Known for their signature vocal tracks that have for years evoked the kind of emotion that so few others are able to produce, along with their wildly creative Dash-Ups. Dash Berlin is a globally recognized icon with a myriad of faithful followers which turned into a strong community of fans called “Dashers”. Front man Jeffrey Sutorius sat down with us to talk about his presence at the festival, his take on Trance 2.0, the palpable love he has for his fans and what inspires him at every performance.
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Deadmau5 takes a stab at Trance – Armin Van Buuren fights back

2012 JUNO Awards - Press Room Photo credit: Dominic Chan / WENN

2012 JUNO Awards – Press Room
Photo credit: Dominic Chan / WENN

Superstar dance music producer Deadmau5 is stirring up trouble over the internet yet again. After already taking shots at dubstep, hardstyle, and EDM as a whole in the past, Zimmerman has recently targeted trance, joining in with criticisms that real trance died in the late 90’s.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Canadian producer set his sights on Armin Van Buuren and A State of Trance, which triggered countless rebuttals from the community.

Both Binary Finary and Armin shot back, knocking deadmau5 down a notch

Armin’s tweet is most likely referencing the track the two producers worked on in late 2012. The unfinished track was premiered on episode 585 of ASOT, but never saw a release as Deadmau5 claimed to have grown bored of the production. As for Binary Finary’s reaction, the duo doesn’t seem to be taking the criticism to heart. As they posted on Reddit hours after the incident: “This will just go down as another social media “EDM” blow out. For the time being we are just laughing and going with it.”

It seems some bad blood between the two giants remains, though it’s unclear how much of the fight is in good fun. We can only hope they make up for a coffee run.

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