Is Trance Dead?

istrancedeadWritten By Brad Mehlenɓacher

“Trance is dead”.

A line heard all too often throughout the electronic music community. To say that this is a touchy subject for many would be an understatement- but to the many people who have moved on, this is their perceived reality.

To properly address the question “Is trance dead?”, we first and foremost have to effectively identify what trance is from one person to the next.

So what is trance? In my eyes, trance is much more than musical genre; it’s a way of life. Trance is the global unification that dissolves border, religion, language and skin colour. Trance is a shining beacon of hope in a world that would rather give you a dirty look than a helping hand. It’s what keeps many of us smiling from day to day and reminds us that life is not only a thing of beauty but a truly precious blessing.

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Are you or were you ever a trance fan? Close your eyes, and think back to your earliest surreal trance memory; that moment when it’s just you, the music, and several hundred (or even thousand) of your closest friends.

Those moments where you feel like the music is a testament to exactly how you are feeling at that exact moment. The moment where your heart beats every time the drum kicks and the sound of the melody uplifts your heart and emotions to levels you never thought were possible. The moment where you look from side to side, front to back and see nothing but smiling faces that are all on the exact same level as you.

“For some reason, some people tend to be very negative about trance in particular. I think “trance” as a genre has been declared “dead” by these people and the press for the 6th time now. And yet, it remains to be the most popular genre in dance music. In fact, in my experience, trance has never been bigger as it is right now! Maybe this is because several people have very different definitions of the genre “trance”. Some people consider “trance” to be similar to “commercial” or “cheese”. For me trance is the only genre that isn’t a prisoner of it’s own style. People that like real trance, are very open minded to all kinds of dance music. For example, I play a lot of records that are labelled “progressive” or “techno” in my recordstore. Trance to me is a journey through different kinds of dance music, not the formularic crap some call “trance”. Trance is part of modern day music now. Face it.” – Armin Van Buuren

That’s trance. Trance is the embodiment of emotion. It’s not a musical genre. We are trance. And to quote Bryan Kearney, we’ll never die.

So with that said, let’s address why people really think that trance is dead.

In my opinion, just like all other sects of reality, everything moves in waves. Some people call it “bandwagoning”, others call it what’s “in”, or what’s “popular”.

Time for a history lesson. In the underground electronic music community, the early 90’s saw trance stars like Sasha, Digweed, Paul Van Dyk and Paul Oakenfold transform a generation of lost sinners into a globally unified underground community. This was the first real time that trance rose from the ashes and spread its wings.

Fast forward to the late 90’s, and a man by the name of “DJ Tiësto” came along. Although he was primarily known for his DJing and track selection; he quickly became the face of the new generation of Trance to usher in the millennium. Over the next few years the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Paul Van Dyk, Sasha and Digweed (who had all been floating as the world’s biggest DJs since the spark of electronic music) handed over the puck to men like DJ Tiësto, Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten, and gave way to the “Trance generation”.

This was the era that many would claim defined the sound of trance- the sound that all future tracks would be judged upon.

The next decade saw many massive DJs we’ve come to know and love rise and fall. Sasha and Digweed moved on to the more progressive side of music, and in roughly 2008 Dj Tiësto would move on to what would soon become the mainstream, “electro house”.

Just like every other facet of life, things change and people move on. What’s important in life is that you don’t pay attention to the hype- fuck the bandwagon. Don’t listen to what your friends tell you is good or what the radio tells you is good, listen to what speaks to your heart. Let the music that your heart beats to guide you and never allow someone to tell you what is good, what’s bad, or what is dead.

Losing one of your favourite producers to another genre- as stupid as it may sound, can be heartbreaking. If it’s someone you’ve spent a large amount of your life listening to, it becomes a part of who you are, just as anything else would. When you see them move on, it’s like losing a piece of you.

Fortunately, there are thousands of producers around the world every single day trying to make that perfect sound that emphasizes the feelings that words cannot- and every single day, a new artist is discovered.

Continue to keep the passion alive for the music that we call our own. Promote from within, and remember that as long as you still feel love, trance will never die.

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66 thoughts on “Is Trance Dead?

    • The people who say trance is dead don’t know what real trance is.

      Trance is alive and well. Listen to Airwave, for fuck’s sake.

      • Matt Hardwick dropped Airwave as his midnight choon on NYE mate……you could’ve heard a pin drop as everybody gasped with their arms in the air smiling at each other……Trance is dead? Tell the hairs on the back of my neck that….

      • i think he was referring to airwave the artist not the song or title. The way you describe the genre in the article is quite cringeworthy and the artists you’ve mentioned hardly produce anything deep or euphoric.There are nothing but mindless dribble with chaotic and aggressive sounds.I find more trance in techno and progressive than I do on the artists you mentioned.i don’t listen to avicii and what not either.

  1. Let me see. Orjan Nilsen leave’s Trance (Progressive) to going to electro house, funky house, progressive house (MOAR money) like Armin, Tiësto, Heatbeat & many other.. Armin in mainstream mode (Including new brand label #WAO138) he cannot say Trance is dead.. He not’s all in Trance! He’s in old releases become as a leader of Trance (Progressive, Uplifting) Where’s the voice of Underground Producers? One past Trance leader not say “Trance is dead”..
    Armin pls..

  2. Great article, but picking a quote from Orjan Nilsen? He doesn’t even produce trance, hell, he’s not even good at producing house music. Surely you could have picked a quote from someone like Aly & Fila, John O’ Callaghan or Protoculture, artists who really know what trance music is.

    • Hi Conor,

      Thank you for your comment. We chose the quote from Orjan because we agreed with what he was saying. While it is a little disappointing that he has moved on a little bit, we still must agree that his words capture the essence of what trances means to us right now.

    • Orjan Nilsen developed his own style. It’s what it is now. Originally a Trance artist by the similar sounds of the given years whene he became known. Check out his ENTIRE discography :-]

    • Orjan Nilsen left trance? Well, than he just moved back to it! Check his new tunes, released under his alias O&R. Orjan Nilsen didn’t leave trance at all, he was experimenting with other genres for about two years. Why not? Whether you like his music or not, Orjan is really a great producer.

  3. well, Armin isn’t the only trance dj and producer.. although he is getting mainstream, he will still say that trance changed his life and that even though he is getting away from it for us, he still has that shiny little spark inside him that makes him produce some trance and broadcast a trance radio show.. i was only stick to armin, didnt heard more trance djs, but has i understood that armin was losing trance, i kinda left his way and got to listen to other djs.. yesterday i found above and beyonds performance at asot 500 in den bosch, and i got surprised on what ive lost over my 3 years blinded love for armin.. His fans should go into different routes, and if you will, you are a trance lover .. dont just follow him and dont trust his crap about “whos afraid of138?!” and let him go, as he leaves us… support real trance, support what your heart tells you to.
    with love, Daniel

    • I agree. In the beginning I only just listened to Armin’s radioshow. In Belgium, trance is very unknown, so it was the only trance show broadcasted. After a couple of years, I discovered more dj’s, more good radioshows. And yes, there is so much more than Armin’s world. But! After all these years I still listen to Armin’s show. Why? Because he plays all styles of trance. Wheter you like it or not, he’s the only trance dj in the world who likes, selects and promotes ALL the different styles. He enjoys a good old school progressive track as well as a techno based tune as well as a beautiful uplifting track. That’s what makes him unique. Armin found a way that combines commercial success with passion and love for music. Never forget what it is like when you are considered a world leading dj. Of course you have to play trousy or housy tunes. But besides that commercial pathway, Armin is always Armin, and 13 years after the start of his radioshow, he still plays great trance music, organises events where the best dj’s get a chance to perform their dj skills. Craig Connelly, Orjan Nilsen (already 5 years ago), Andrew Rayel, Alexandre Bergheau, Wach, Arisen Flame, Protoculture, Sebastian Brandt, Simon Patterson, James Dymond and many many other young, talented producers owe a lot to Armin. Is he the only good dj? Of course not! Despite playing only progressive house anymore (quite sadly), Above & Beyond are also very talented and inspiring. But they’ve changed radically into an other direction. Aly & Fila? What a fantastic radioshow, what an enormous dj talent. But their last studio album contained also a lot of non-trance album versions. Even these amazing guys have to consider what the public wants to hear. How passionate guys like Armin and Aly & Fila may be, their music has to sell as well. That’s normal when you are at that stage of celebrity. My conclusion? It’s your own good right to leave Armin. But not because he doesn’t play trance anymore. His music selection doesn’t contain less trance than ten years ago. Really not. He goes mainstream? Yes, but not more than Above & Beyond, or many others. WAO 138!? is crap? The hype may be crap in your eyes, but not the tunes involved. Armin is a great man. The trance world owes him alot.

  4. Just subjectively, and as a lover of the genre ever since ‘Transport’, there were relatively few trance tracks I liked in 2012, I thought it was dying, but many more in 2013, especially the latter half.

  5. Trance is not dead as long as fans of trance music exist. People have always asked if disco, rock, or classical music is dead. To me, the musical styles aforementioned are not dead and to quite the opposite is true, they are very much alive. In my opinion, however, trance does need a reintroduction to the world; a re-branding if you will. The sound has changed and evolved and the definition of trance is ambiguous depending on who you ask. Bandwagon fans will always come and go with every “wave” that passes, but for people who listen to the music and understand the music regardless of contemporary fads, then trance music will never be dead.

  6. Trancefamily really is in a pickle with their #1 guy. A large amount have abandoned the genre and started agreeing and arguing that trance is a feeling, not a defined genre, all because their great leader Armin started making pop radio tracks, pushed W&W as “the future of trance”, and interviewed using the cop out that trance evolves. It’s the largest marketing scheme I’ve ever seen of a genre. Like ok guys, I get the argument off of ‘dem feels’ and whatever, but all because you and some girl bonded while your eyes were falling out of your head at a Zed’s Dead concert doesn’t mean it was a trance show. Real trance is still around, it just dove really far beneath the ground, and it’ll rebound in due time. Armin steered it into the mainstream for reasons we all understand (money), and that’s that. As Tiago Daniel Rocha said in the comments, break off from him and other big “trance” names, and go search around; you’ll find that true trance sound you’re looking for. Stop being blinded by “Lord Armin”…he’s led you all astray to the point of arguing for the abandonment and redefining of the genre you supposedly love. It’s the time for “trance” (not trance, but “trance”) to be in the limelight, let it be and look elsewhere, and if you’re really a fan of trance don’t let it be redefined for marketing purposes.

    • Well said. Some people need to move on and stop acting like Armin is the only thing keeping trance alive. There’s much more than him and he left trance for money.

  7. Trance is Groovy music and will never die out, It may evolve, even the human race has evolved with time so why not Trance ? There is nothing wrong with it, After all even DJ’s and musicians have to earn a living, Some may decide to go commercial or mainstream – that’s life everyone’s needs & wants are different we need to recognize that. Pure Trance will always live on and there will always be someone to carry the trend forward. Listen to music you like and enjoy, that’s what matters.

  8. It isnt alive and kicking put it that way. I have been going to clubs, raves and parties since 1998 and although i dont go nearly half as much as i did when i was in my teens/20s, the times that I have been recently have cemented my feeling that i am so honored to have been part of the early generation who raved to trance in its prime. Clubs like Gatecrasher, Cream and Slinky ruled the roost and I was driving up the M1 in England every weekend for my dose of Gatecrasher seeing amazing djs spin the true definition of trance – Matt Hardwick, Scott Bond, PvD, even Armin when he wasnt pulling those cringetastic jesus poses and heart signs. It was a pleasure being part of the crasher kid generation who i have made friends with who are my best mates today and we ALWAYS talk about nights on the Republic of Sheffields dance floor.

    Fast forward to today. What a load of nonsense, EDM (a phrase which irks me more than the mother in law) has bastardised commercialised and tainted trance into a music that is so dire it is beyond comprehension. DJS turn up, play for an hour then do one (leave) is akin to turning up at your desk job, doing the bare minimum then leaving again. They play more electro house and trouse which is shockingly shite, and the epic journeys that we were taken on way back when are now frowned upon. I saw Lisa Lashes play a trance/hard trance set in Sydney a few months back – and some of the stuff she played would have bought crasher and slinky to its knees – and the already light crowd thinned out even more. I was more than a bit ashamed. Arctic moon also played in sydney and although he read the crowd well (a sign of a good dj) he read it in the fact that the crowd wanted cheezy singalong BS as opposed to the dark spooky breakdowns and hands in the air moments. Maybe it is the Aussie crowd that is different to back home in the UK but maybe the kids of today dont want long built up well thought out tunes and opt more for Avicci Levels style trash. Put it this way, would Tiestos mix of Delerium Silence have got the same reaction as when it was first played at Leeds loveparade if it was released today? A tune of 15mins with epic build ups and an amazing climax would not sit well today – if it aint finished in 4mins the crowd would get bored.

    Solarstone did a show in sydney in 2011 and there must have been 100 or less in the room. Quality tunes but there isnt a market for it anymore. Armin knows he will sell out stadia purely becuase there will be people there for the name like man utd or real madrid fans. PLASTICS. Ill bet none of them could name even 5 other trance djs.

    Controversially maybe it is to do with drugs. Pink mitzis and doves which enabled you to talk cod shite to strangers for hours and genuinely fall in love have been replaced by tripstacy and stuff that screws you over without the high. At least the stuff i was doing was cleaner and i wouldnt touch stuff of today with a barge pole.

    I read somewhere once when the yanks were getting into the scene that trance was always going to be quality in the 90s/00s because it simply had to be in order to be pressed to vinyl. I can download a program on and make a tune this arvo if i wanted.

    There are some quality djs still today – kearney, allen & envy, adam ellis – and frankly i hope they remain underground – that way it will be dead set quality what they produce.

    But yes i think trance is dying an inevitable death. The gatecrasher phrase that will go with me to the grave “itwillalwaysbewithyou” will always be with me. But i along with say 10,000 others were there when it was genuinely a church and way of life. Not the bull shit that is around today.

    • ahhhh the Republic!!! Man do i miss that place! The rails, the bridge, the amazing atmosphere. Any genuine trance head deserved at least one night in there!! Was there every crasher from about 02 till it burned down!

      • Lol – that rails! I was never cool enough to sit on the rails of high society! :)

        Don Valley, NEC, GCSSS all of it was truly magical/

  9. Trance isnt dead but it has been struggling, in my opinion, since 2009. Thats not to say that there hasnt been any good trance since then, but in its effort to expand its reach and scope, the original elements that made trance so rich and textured really fell by the wayside. Wobbles, cheesy major chords (I am a firm believer that minor chords make the best trance), shitty nonsense vocals and the same predictable synths created some kind of subgenre that was basically just vocal electrohouse with an incredibly high gloss to it.

    For me personally, most of the trance that has really impacted me and left a mark, Im talking about the trance that brings up memories and feelings that arent just tied to hearing an epic drop at some festival set, the songs that remind you of a blazing summer sun and hot golden sand or a wind-swept cruise down PCH, or a glittering cityscape witnessed on top of a hill, all that seems to be from a golden period of 2003-2008 where technology and passion were both in unison.

    That Solarstone track quoted in the article is a very good effort to bring trance back to its roots. If you read the description for the youtube link, it talks about how SolarStone was really trying to bring it back to a rich, classic, lush Trance sound and I would say he absolutely nailed it with this track.

  10. To someone who had the hairs on the back of their necks stand up to that melody beat or sound in a club or trance event festival is something you never forget and it could be in 5 or 30 years if you hear that sound again you will feel it again because it’s from the soul and to those who say trance is dead probably never experienced this and will put down other things in life apart from trance. As for Armin I’m sure he was one of us but is now in it for the money and trying to milk it for what it’s worth because he thinks if I won’t someone else will . Long live trance

  11. Well, it’s not right to say just “TRANCE”! It depends on WHERE or LOCATIONS!!! there are many sub-genres in trance to be honest! Some of them (like uplifting trance/+138) are totally dead in most countries! Even all kind of TRANCE IS DEAD in certain countries which was pretty popular before!!!! Some countries have great trance artists but trance genre is zero! I have spoken with many trance artists via facebook chat. Like from Germany, Mongolia, China, Korea etc. Trance was very popular in late 90’s and till mid 2000-2008 in those kind of countries and its dead now! IT DOESN’T MEAN trance is alive if you listen to trance or produce trance, if DJ plays TRANCE (not Trouse tbh) music on the DJ deck, if people don’t dance on his set, it’s pretty sure that Trance Is DEAD on your location!

  12. it isn’t quite dead yet… there’s psytrance :P

    no really though, i do miss classic trance. like good driving basslines, acid modulations, vocals that actually made sense and were ethereal, all of it. it was nice. and even the uplifting stuff wasn’t plastic cheeze, it was just uplifting. and then there was this dark trance and goa trance that was pretty good too if you wanted to get spacey. all of that put you in a trance state of mind. but now, the sounds are just so… ugh. high pitched stabs and shrieks and same synths used over and over, blasting in your face instead of inviting you into a wonderland, big huge predictable drops all the time. if you can predict where you’re going, it’s not a journey. i’m not saying there isn’t any good stuff out there, i’m just saying it’s definitely harder to find that sound at events.

    christopher lawrence though, he keeps it legit. :)
    maybe i’m just getting old :P

  13. What a lot of nonsense. This “Trance is a feeling” crap doesn’t make sense. It is a genre. And for it to be a genre then it has to fit into a category of sound. Techno isn’t Techno because of the emotion in stirs. Drum and Bass is drum and bass if it is a certain BPM and has a breakbeat. Trance is Trance because it has uplifting complex melodies, falls within a certain BPM. This whole “Trance is a feeling” rubbish is just talk from old producers a-la Ferry Corsten who don’t have the balls to admit that they aren’t actually making Trance anymore but try and pull the wool over the eyes of this new generation of people who think that Avicii is Trance.

      • No Brad, unfortunately you don’t understand.
        I’ve been listening to Trance since I was 14: digging around record shops, buying obscure CDs off of even more obscure sites on the internet, waiting forever for a track to download off of Kazaa or Napster on dial-up.
        Trance is Trance. It is this because it is a genre! You can’t change the label on a can of beans to peas and then sell it as peas but this is exactly what is happening these days. That shitty “what it feels like” song by Armin is not Trance even though it is trying to be labeled as Trance. And I wholly blame the American scene: before it “awakened to “EDM”” there wasn’t this issue. But I don’t wholly blame the producers for chasing an infant music scene where cash can be reaped. But I would like them to stop classifying the music they are making as Trance when it is Pop music.
        On the American market, I think maybe it is also a localised issue as last year I went to Vegas and LA and the Dance music there was atrocious but I went to a small night in NY on the same trip and it was excellent, with a great crowd, intelligent warm-ups and an overall great event.
        Back to the whole “Trance” is a feeling thing, it’s bollocks mate. If a Drum and Bass track gives you a sense of ‘losing it’ and euphoria then does that make it a Trance track? No.
        Again: it is a genre that has specific rules to allow a track to be categorised. As does Techno. As does House. As does DnB. As does Hardcore. Stop giving these sell-out producers an excuse to label their latest fluff as Trance when in reality all they are doing is coining in the $$$ of a gullible infant scene.

    • I agree with what you are saying Stu. This whole trance family EDM it feels like nonsense has not only polluted trance into something completely unrecognizable and commercial, it has taken away the very reason trance was so popular in the 90/00s in the first place. I hate quoting films but Human Traffic sums it up – leave your ego on the for door and lose it for 12 hours. Cant really do that in this day and age.

      “Pioneers” and i invert that because it was really when i was coming onto the scene Ferry, Armin and TIesto back in the 90s would bang out tune after tune. They saw that there is more $$ to be made by bending over and getting EMI and Sony to taint their sound to a more palatable ear on radio and mainstream. I mean oakey of all people warmed up for a Madonna tour in 2009! If anything it should have been the other way around – her warming up for him!

      Ferry has sort of stuck to his roots – at least he played a classics producer set at crashers 20th birthday. Tiesto has admitted he isnt trance anymore and fair to him he has made some serious coin.

      But then you see legends (in my eyes anyway) like BT being shunned by their proteges (Portor Robinson) as they are deemed uncool for playing trance – that in itself irks me.

      Ive been to vegas – Marquee was the worst place i think i have ever been to – but sadly places like that and Miami are now the dance capitals of the world – when it was London and Ibiza. THe music tastes of most clientele in Vegas are always going to opt for EDM shite liek Avicii, NIcky Romero.

      • Glad that you agree and I agree with your comments.
        My wife and I were going to go over to the Miami Winter Conference this year but after seeing the LA / Vegas clubbing scene we decided not to bother.
        Glasgow is getting to be the same now. Even though Globally it is a small city, it is the third biggest in the UK and the biggest in Scotland and we used to get at least one major Trance night a month with a line up for example of Bryan Kearney, Kai Tracid, Scot Project, Above & Beyond and Marcel Woods and every week a smaller night who would host someone like Airwave or Signum. Now we get one night a month if we’re lucky and it’s either a big show like Armin / Ferry etc or a “Trance”‘event with a line-up of W&W, Jochen Miller, Andrew Rayel etc. so there is actually very little Trance within the main line-up. Also, I can see the bottle service thing sneaking into the smaller clubs and can see it becoming popular in the younger generation which will undoubtedly end up in the big clubs which to me isn’t what clubbing is about: it should be about the music only.

    • I think the point you’re missing is that yes, the mainstream trance sound may be falling apart, but there’s a whole lot more than the surface value when it comes to real trance. The underground scene is thriving. When was the last time you visited a city with an underground community that pulsates with the city’s heartbeat? Come to Toronto some time. In the last year alone I’ve been lucky enough to speak to Giuseppi Otavianni, Solarstone, Kearney, Patterson, Arctic Moon, Orkidea, Nic Chagall and plenty more. My fingers would be sore if I attempted to list the kind of names we get down here in the first quarter alone. I’m telling you, the classic sound might be fading but real trance is not even close to being dead.

      • I wasn’t ever saying that the sound was dead. I live in Glasgow and we seem to have similar line-ups to what you are mentioning above. Glasgow has always had a massive Trance scene – search for Inside Out and also Freefall and you will see some of the nights we were lucky enough to have over the years.
        The scene as I know it has definitely got smaller though; look at all the major events and the headliners – Cosmic Gate, W&W, Orjan Nilsen, Andrew Rayel, Armin. They don’t play Trance anymore so to me, if they don’t play Trance, then it can’t really be classed as a Trance event.
        However, as always. there are always smaller, more dedicated underground nights willing to keep playing real Trance.
        What I am disagreeing with you is the fact that you are saying that Trance “is a feeling” when it clearly isn’t; it’s a genre.

  14. Trance never dead! I so sad that’s DJ like Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, etc they are move on to Progressive House :(

      • He won’t. He’s already seen the dollar signs and has begun playing the same washed up beatport top 20 songs that every mainstream DJ is playing these days. It’s an unfortunate waste of talent.

      • I saw Rayel play at Stereosonic Melbourne and it was 100% trouse. Not one uplifting or instrumental track which was hugely disappointing. Rayel is following Orjan.

  15. What an excellent article, very well written. I completely agree about how heartbreaking it is when an artist changes. This has been my musical experience for almost 30 years. I was a huge Metallica fan, then they faded. This made me search for new music. I became a Sepultura fan, the lead singer left and the band went to pieces. So I searched again. This path led me to dance music with the likes of the Prodigy and Plastikman. They both changed and so I moved on to trance music. I like everyone, whether they admit it or not, followed Tiesto religiously for almost 10 years. I think this was the biggest blow when he, in my opinion, betrayed everyone who made him what he is today. As you can see, it is still a touchy issue for me. Regardless, I have kept trance alive, even when everyone has continued to tell me that I am stuck in 2003. And I continue to respond to them that this is what I love and always will, so piss off. I am happy that there are artists that have weathered the storm and continued to be true to the music they love. For this I am truly grateful. And my hat goes off to those new pioneers that bring forth new life into the scene. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat!!! #team140

    • Very well said and I couldn’t agree more! Stay true to the music your heart beats to and don’t ever let anybody tell you what to like!

      • Mate – that is it! I remember north pole came in after so you have it nailed! Was never really fond of North Pole as Judge Jules blasted it out loads.

        The second one – im sure i have heard that – is DiFM a US based radio station and is the a PvD mix of 1998 on there? Either way both are good sets – any chance you have them?

        Thanks heaps – you are a gent for finding them so quickly! Annoying that my eBay seller mislabeled. Think i paid abut GBP100 for those DVDs which nowadays would be insane! Wonder if i could get my money back..!!

    • mate stay in 2003. I have. What a marvelous era. My iphone will always have Paul Oakenfold tranceport and Gatecrasher Wet & Discotech till the day it gets broken, or lost! The i will just transfer the mp3 to a new one! :)

      • seen a few good sets there mate – maybe you can help – im looking for an armin sensation white set (circa 2002-4) where he opens with Hemstock/jennings/white – reverence – had it at uni but lost my laptop and have been trawling sets for years to cant find it!

      • pretty sure – i bought a dvd with heaps of Armins sets on with ASOTS 1-100 plus loads of his live recorded sets off eBay…we are talking at least 9 years ago tho!!

      • Looks like he opened with it twice, both in 2003, but not at Sensation. I remember those eBay DVDs, most of the stuff on them was mislabeled. Here is the first part of the tracklists.

        (2003-08-17) AvB – Live @ The Summer Dance Festival Lovefields NL
        01 Hemstock & Jennings Feat. Adam White – Reverence
        02 Solid Globe – North Pole
        03 Electrique Boutique Feat. Taz – Heal (Instrumental Mix)
        04 Ronald Klinkenberg – Melting Point vs P-Diddy – Let’s Get Ill (Armin van Buuren Edit)

        (2003-09-05) AvB – Live @ DiFM Exposure Online Dance Music Festival
        01 Hemstock & Jennings Feat. Adam White – Reverence
        02 Conjure One – Centre Of The Sun (Junkie XL Remix)
        03 Questia – Crystal Clouds
        04 Mr Sam vs Tim Coltrane Present The Tribute – One more Day (Original Mix)

        Hopefully you recognize the other tracks and can narrow it down that way. Good luck. Nothing worse than losing one of your favorite sets.

      • Mate – that is it! I remember north pole came in after so you have it nailed! Was never really fond of North Pole as Judge Jules blasted it out loads.

        The second one – im sure i have heard that – is DiFM a US based radio station and is the a PvD mix of 1998 on there? Either way both are good sets – any chance you have them?

        Thanks heaps – you are a gent for finding them so quickly! Annoying that my eBay seller mislabeled. Think i paid abut GBP100 for those DVDs which nowadays would be insane! Wonder if i could get my money back..!!

  16. I really enjoyed this article. I can remember the track that wanted me to become a DJ. From raver from Philly, PA to DJ. It was Binary Finary “1998”(Matt Darey remix) cause my friend was a resident DJ at the time and i went up in the booth looking over the crowd and he dropped that track and the place went nuts! I said this is what i wanna do….i wanna see people dance and go crazy cause of what your playing. Within 6 mth i bought 2 Tech 1200s MK3 n a DJM 500 mixer. Put out my first CD mix 6mth later n i taught myself how to spin, count bars, cue points all that. Fast forward to 2011, i finally broke down n bought cdjs. My first ones were 400s n djm 700. But i played on em at the clubs with the new 2000s n 900 mixer. Now i bought 2000 Nexus n 900 Nexus mixer for home n use Rekordbox. No Traktor or Serato or midi, not my thing. I miss switchin records/cds tho. Makes u feel more of a dj. But i learned with cdjs how to mix in key which i didnt before. DJing is an art. Now back to trance, im more of uplifting/vocal trance person but i start with a low bpm 128-130 n build. I play to the crowd. I might thro something unusual in time to time. Its always about the crowd. Trance is essential in my life. Not one day goes by that i dont listen. It lifts my spirits when im down n its lovely to party to. Its nice to take a drive anywhere and just pop in a trance cd and drive n listen. Get lost in the music. Trance will never die, AVB 5 yrs num 1 dj. Trance. In the top 3 for the past 10yrs. He puts on a show, not a set esp with ASOT tours and Armin Only. Tiesto was a big influence but he left, i personally think he sold out like Guetta, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Hardwell, Calvin Harris and Steve Aeoki. How does Paris Hilton have a DJ residency? SHE CANT SPIN!!!!! I seen a picture of her behind the decks and the CDJs were off!!!!!! Thats crazy. Also today u just cant be a dj to make it, u have to learn to produce. I been learnimg with Abelton, Pro Tools and Logic. Trance is alive and well. Armin would have not sold out Madison Square Garden last March in one hour if trance was dead and i was there! Thank u to Armin and every other DJ who began with trance and still spins trance, its called being true to your heart.

    • This is a debate about trance – not that gobshite Paris. She is part of the EDM generation which is lightyears away from trance or anything semi decent that resembles trance. She has carved out a niche which was very successful for her – twats that like to bop to cheezy pop and such like.

      Armin only sold out maddison sq gdns, like he sells out ANZ stadium in Sydney and Brixton academy in London because people go for the name. Half the people at those gigs would burst into tears if they went to a Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson or John oo Flemming gig as that is what i would call propper trance nowadays.

      Dont get me wrong, give me Armin circa 1999-2003 era when he was amazing, not doing love heart signs and banging out tune after tune. Ive seen him a handful of times over the last three years (not just him but festivals) and the only time he played a good set was when he was doing a classics set. The stuf he plays nowadays is boring as bat shit,

    • Well said my friend! Really cool that you instantly knew what you liked, what you wanted to do and acted immediately. That’s exactly how it was with me and trance too. When it feels right, it just clicks, and your life progresses accordingly. Thanks for sharing your story!

  17. Just because the Dutch DJs sold out for a lot of cash and spat in the faces of their principles and fans doesn’t mean it’s dead. It just means that it’s about time for the fans to find some new and fresh idols and ditch the sell outs.

  18. Guys, as a producer, one of the reasons behind leaving producers is financial devastation. For trance sake buy the trax u like and donate producers u love. Its wrecked beyond ur imagination

    • Money isn’t made through track sales, it’s made from live sets and merchandising, and big name will tell you that.

      That’s why the guys who don’t tour as much have to ghost produce for others to make ends meat.

  19. The people who are saying that kind of stuff, are mostly house and pop fans, than only listen things like : afrowho,avicci or garrix,
    the real trance fans know the truth, trance will never die! maybe the mainstream and cheese sounds like dash berlin, disappears one of this days ,(and i really waiting for that day!)
    but the proper trance sound still remain forever!
    Artists like bryan Kearney,JOC,A&F,Astrix and a lot more, still bring to us amazing and powerful tunes,and this way will be born new artists that love the sound and continue with the legacy forever!
    So in a few words,Trance is Eternal.

  20. Pingback: Kas trance on srnud? | Merxi ruum

  21. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everybody
    else encountering issues with your blog. It appears like
    some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen.
    Can somebody else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too?
    This might be a issue with my browser because I’ve had this
    happen before. Kudos

    • Hi Tania,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have not encountered any similar issues from other readers as of yet – you are the first. We will definitely look into the matter and try our best to fix this issue. Perhaps it could be the browser you are using to view our website, or maybe even a mobile phone? We are planning on reconstructing the entire site very shortly, so hopefully once the new website launches you will not have to deal with this issue.



  22. Trance is not dead. Even if the the word still exists to qualify this track or that track, trance as genre is no longer in charge. Today trance is how you feel music.
    There is no offense taken by calling Avicii or Hardwell “trance” instead of edm for younger generations.

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